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Feb 24 | Fall down seven times, get up eight

What a wonderful two weeks it has been, I am so grateful for all the love and support I have received from across Australia and the world. It has truly been a humbling experiences to break the 20 year old Women’s 100m National Record.

Countless radio, newspaper and television interviews filled my world, spreading such a positive light on track and field in Australia is something I am very proud to do.

Getting the call from Susan Alberti was breathe taking, someone I have never meet, read my story and believed in me. Obviously the money is amazing, but it is the belief in me she has shown by this gesture that truly overwhelmed me. I look forward to meeting and thanking her personally when I am in Melbourne next.

Leading into the Perth Track Classic I was feeling very confident and excited to race again. Training had been quite light so I had time to fully recovery physically and mentally from this awesome roller coaster.

Race day was perfect, warm, tail winds and an awesome atmosphere at Challenge Stadium in Perth. All was going perfectly until the start, where I managed to push off the blocks a little hard and they slipped backwards about one metre, which meant I landed flat on the ground.

The starters correctly fired a second gun to stop the race because the rules state that everyone must get a fair and even start. Apart from putting my blocks back on the right mark I also spent some time trying to recompose myself. I must admit though that I was feeling a bit rattled and in shock and didn’t execute as well as I could (another learning curve for me) but I was so happy to run 11.31 another Commonwealth Games A qualifier. Which is also in my top 10 runs all time.

After talking with the media and signing lots of autograph and appearing in many selfies, I was in doping control for a drug test. Got it done. It was time for dinner and to unwind with a nice bottle of cold water.

Melissa xo

Feb 11 | Australian Record

The build up to the ACT State Championships was big, Sally was coming to race. We had 29 times and she had beaten me on all occasions, so it was safe to say I was a bit nervous about race day. The weather on Sunday was perfect, a hot dry heat and a tail wind, a recipe for something special.

My week of training leading up to Sunday was great, but it was playing on my mind, the matchup between Sal and myself.

The best part about starting your warm up on race day is that you get to finally do something, rather than waiting and thinking… I felt good in my warm up but was getting nervous. It was such ideal conditions for fast times, and I wanted to execute a great race.

Sal and I were different heats, but I was still nervous and excited to get the heat done. I don’t remember much of the race, except crossing the line and the crowd cheering so loudly. I didn’t know what had happened… Then I heard Ollie’s voice over the loud speaker 11.08.

Whattttt!! I couldn’t believe my ears, it was quickly rounded up to 11.11 and officially announced as a new Australian record. I was in tears, and the rest seems like a blur.

But the job wasn’t done yet, I still had a final to run.

I was very calm before the final, as we were being introduced to the crowd I felt at ease. The gun went and Sal and I were equal all the way through the first 80m. In the last 20m I was able to get a winning margin and take victory. 30th time lucky for me!

It was such an incredible day in Canberra, thank you to all the interstate athletes that made the effort to come to our beautiful track. Thank you to all the officials that sweltered through three hot days on the track and in the field.

Thank you to the whole Canberra community who have supported and embraced me. To my parents, who would have thought that shy girl would one day be the fastest ever Australian female.

To my training squad, the challenge is on now boys, who’s going to take down that time of 11.11? And of course to my coach MattyB, who always kept the faith, we did it and I am so grateful for everything you have done for me.

Melissa xo

Jan 27 | Qualified

30 degrees and sunshine, seemed to be the forecast every day in Canberra. Until Friday when it decided to rain all day and drop temperatures to around 20 degrees. But it was still race day, and I was still excited. Perhaps this was a sign, the weather gods were preparing me for Glasgow…

It took me a moment to register what had happened after the race, the clock didn’t stop when I crossed the line, but Matt yelled out to me from the infield 11.32. Okay awesome I thought, much quicker than last week, and then it dawned on me, A qualifier. A qualifier for the Commonwealth Games.

Happy would be the biggest understatement, I was ecstatic. So much more than a qualifier, I was back. I am finally back to running fast after sickness and injury. I couldn’t be prouder of Matt and I. And so thankful to my entire support team, who have always kept the faith.

To top off a sensational week, I headed to Albury to compete in the Albury Wodonga Gift. After my performance on Friday, I was re-handicapped to run from behind scratch -0.5m in the Women’s 120m Gift. The price you pay I guess, but this wasn’t going to stop me and I won the final! I don’t know if it has happened before someone winning from behind scratch but I am very proud to say I have done it.

The best thing about the weekend was having my Grandpa there to watch me compete and win, this one is for you Pa.

Melissa xo

Jan 17 | And it’s racing time again

Last night in Canberra I had my first hit out of the 2014 season.

Hot, windy and a 30 minute delay, could have been a recipe for disaster. However I am really pleased with my opening performance, I ran 11.57 into a rather large headwind of -2.4w. Although straight after the race I was a little annoyed because of the delay and the headwind, but after talking with Matt I came to my senses.

At the Adelaide Track Classic last year I ran 11.59 into a -1.7w and three weeks later I competed at the Sydney Track Classic, running personal bests in both the 100m and 200m. Perspective is a wonderful skill, sometimes I just need to be reminded of this. So I know I am heading in the right direction.

Thanks to all the officials and volunteers who gave up their time last night. It’s also great to see so many interstate athletes come to Canberra, hopefully this will continue throughout the season.

It felt great to be back racing, and I am already looking forward to having another chance to compete next week in Canberra at the summer series meet on Friday. For now though I am off to Melbourne to lead a kid’s clinic and compete at the St Albans Gift on Saturday.

It’s great to be back.

Melissa xo

Jan 7 | 2013 Big Lessons Learnt

The biggest lesson I have learnt from 2013 was appreciating the good times.

The smartest athlete is not the one that trains every day, the smartest athlete is the one who listens to their body, adjusts training and recognises that sometimes it is OK to have a rest day.

I had to learn this the hard way, as all lessons are learnt! In March 2013 I ran my personal bests in the 100m and 200m at the Sydney Track Classic, it was an amazing night that I had worked very hard towards. I didn’t get a wink of sleep the night after the meet, I was just too excited. I travelled back to Canberra the next day, and hardly slept again. I trained normally on Monday, and then flew to Perth. And that is where I tore my soleus.

At that time I felt invincible, even if Matt wanted me to rest on Monday I wouldn’t have listen, I should have. How could I have expected myself to have a normal training week after running the fastest I have ever run  in both the 100m and 200m in one night, hardly slept and the adrenaline was still pumping.

So I wish I appreciated what I had achieved at the Sydney Track Classic more, I wish I gave myself time to recover.

The year pretty much went downhill from there, although I was able to recover well from my soleus tear, I suffered ongoing infections in my liver and kidneys from May until September. It wasn’t like having a sore leg, there was no rehab for me to do, it was just time and that’s something I didn’t have much of.

I was very proud to compete at the World Championships in Moscow in both the 100m and 200m, despite the very interrupted preparation I did all I could.

After some time off, a lot of sleep and a healthy body I have been back into training and enjoying it again. I am really excited about the upcoming season and this year I will appreciate every moment and allow myself to rest, it is OK.

Melissa x



3rd – 6th Apr 2014 – Australian Athletics Championships & Commonwealth Games Selection Trials

  • 100m Heat: 1st 11.62 (1.6w)
  • 100m Semi Final: 1st 11.73 (-1.9w)
  • 100m Final: 2nd 11.90 (-4.1w)
  • 200m Heat: 1st 24.17 (-1.3w)
  • 200m Final: 5th 24.15 (0.5w)

22 Mar 2014 – IAAF Melbourne World Challenge

  • 100m: 2nd 11.45 (1.0w) click here for race footage

15 Mar 2014 – Sydney Track Classic

22 Feb 2014 – Go for 2 & 5 Perth Track Classic

9 Feb 2014 – AACT State Championships

  • 100m Final: 1st 11.15 (1.8w) click here for race footage
  • 100m Heat: 1st 11.11 (1.9w) Australian Record click here for race footage

1 Feb 2014 – Athletics ACT All Comers Meet

26th Jan 2014 – VAL Albury Wodonga Gift

  • Women’s 120m Gift Final: 1st 13.95 click here for race footage
  • Women’s 120m Gift Heat: 1st 13.94

24th Jan 2014 – Athletics ACT Summer Series Meet

16th Jan 2014 – Athletics ACT Summer Series Meet